Learn the EXACT strategy that I used to go from 6.4k followers to 21k Followers in 3 weeks using ONLY REELS. 
There is so much MORE in this marketing course, I'll teach you how to upgrade your video content to attract your ideal customers using attraction Marketing. YES you can grow with REELS and GROW fast, financially AND on Socials, Video is still number one when it comes to Social Media presence. 
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Bridgette's IG following grew from 390 to 7996 

(and counting) in just 16 weeks.

Bridgette used the strategies in 'Reels school' to grow her following and has just launched her first Membership because of her Social Media Platforms Growth.

Save yourself time &  create content faster

Make content so clear that it converts leads into a sale

Grow your following & expand your network online

Be Honest...

Is this you? like, you know you 'should' post a Reel (or tik tok) to Social media every single day, there’s only one problem: you don’t know what to say and creating a Reel & coming up with a message that lands takes you forever.

Maybe you’re a few years deep into creating content online, it was fun to begin with but now you’re taking it a bit more seriously. It has Saddened you to check your stats on Instagram and see that only 30 people have viewed your last Reel in the last 24 hours and only ONE person actually ‘liked’ it. 💔 People are obviously online because other people are sharing their wins all day everyday about how many views they’ve got and followers they’ve attracted which has grown their network, but something is not right with your Reels, you’re making reels but they simply aren’t getting shared or creating engagement. Defeated, you close the app and ask yourself

“What the hell is going on?!”

The answer is: you’re doing a great job at being consistent and creating content, but you aren’t nailing the ‘message’ you want to land, the one where the customer gets attracted in through a hook or visual that aligns with you and your brand, showcasing in your message that you understand the customers needs, the place where people end up after watching your Reel and sharing it because they relate to your Reel so much they want to share it with THEIR network. Maybe it’s only a tweak in your Reels Captions or a font change that could change the trajectory of your content, but how will you know unless you begin to put intention behind your messaging and audit your current content, or maybe you do have epic visual Reels but instead of creating confidence in YOU, your efforts are actually creating doubt and prompting even the most confident customer feel the doubt you have too and now you aren't helping them or YOU, so you procrastinate and don't make anything unless it's 'perfect'.

I’m ready to start creating Reels content



 With Reels School Re-boot you’ll get more views and brand exposure!

It’s the easiest way to go from Social Media overwhelm into finally switching gears and start producing EPIC daily content without it taking up hours of your time.

Reels school will teach you to produce Reels in pockets of your time AND convert your followers into clients in less than a week with great content.

Say goodbye to…

🙅Feeling overwhelmed and defeated creating Reels, second guessing hitting ‘post’ around content creation


🙅… Wrecking your brain and spending weeks jumbling together Reels, just to find out it it doesn’t convert


🙅… Always feeling like your Reels aren’t aligned with the Quality of your Product or service 
🙅Uploading a Reel that took ages to edit and it flopping to only get 5 views

Instead, you’ll...

🥳… wake up to your phone buzzing like a bee hive from all the ‘likes’ and new follower notifications and DMs that are coming in
🥳… Schedule in your Reels Creation for the week and post in one go to free up space and time through scheduling and leveraging your end of day batching
🥳… feel confident and at ease knowing that your Reels converts strangers into paying clients like it’s fun again (maybe it is 😏)  
🥳You finally are creating clean and super high quality visuals that get shared by strangers and watched until the end.
I want my phone BUZZING... Sign me up
Reels School Re-Boot is a proven strategy and process to creating Reels that convert in the marketplace (Social Media).
5 Days of Modules to give you a step by step method to elevate the quality of your content, including, how leveraging your phone quality can boost views, how to set yourself up to create your highest quality content with basic tools, the basics to a GREAT 'talking Reel script' to help you stand out in your industry and turn heads with high converting specific Reels to up level your attraction marketing and get your followers ready to work with you.
Reels School isn’t just a strategy, but a marketing blueprint for you to convert your ‘ideas’ into clear marketing messages that your customer consumes through your content.
Re-boot has a **BONUS module so that you can begin to become omnipresent across multiple platforms to directly market and a **BONUS Network Marketing session to up your game when you are selling the same product as others in your industry.
I'm ready for the Step By Step Method

The only thing standing between you and highly converting Reels is Reels School Reboot.

I want to create better Reels, I am done with putting it off


Once you implement these highly converting strategies from Reels School Reboot, these are the kind of results you’re going to get…




I want these Results too


Once you implement the highly converting Marketing message & step by step strategy from Reels School Reboot, these are the kind of results you’re going to get…

 I started at 400/500 followers, and have well over 8,000 now! You will learn about marketing, socials, audience, yourself and so much more I can't even begin to tell you the value that you will receive. Bec's contagious energy and knowledge & passion is intoxicating! Anything you do with Bec will be brilliant! Forever in your circle now Bec - Bridgette

I also started gaining more followers very quickly once I started posting reels regularly. The course was easy to understand and was the best investment!! - Sally

I went from 300 followers to nearly 800 and a reach of 250k in just three months, but my self confidence as well. This course has been vital to my brand and my business and is definitely worth the investment!. - Narelle 

I'm Ready to grow with Reels

 Get ready to unleash your inner Content Creator with Reels School Re boot!

Re boot is designed to inspire your inner creative genius and help you unleash your full potential. I'll show you how to create Reels that are as unique and exciting as you are, so you can express yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Reels are all about short, snappy, and engaging content that grabs your audiences attention. I'll teach you how to master the formats to attract audience, how to connect through marketing and then how to convert too. Reels that are impossible to scroll past.

No more relying on expensive agencies or outsourcing your content creation. With my Reels School Re-boot, you'll have the skills and confidence to create high-quality content yourself, saving you time and money in the long run.

It’s not a guide.

It’s a blueprint to successful Marketing video's.

 You don’t want to spend hours learning about the newest trend to not know how to apply your message to that trend to gain traction, I have the formula for you to apply to your niche and market THROUGH your content. You want to create content that converts so you can use it for your business, sign more clients, sell more offers, make money and create more impact with your content messaging.

Goodbye overwhelm + Creators’s block

I’m not paralising you by offering you 400 gazillion different options and 'Copy cat' Reels, that leave you confused and overwhelmed. You get the strategy, you get tutorials, you get to understand marketing and make messaging your own and into Video format and plenty of hours of training broken down into snack-able video lessons or devour the long form education to master each section (feel free to skip whatever you feel confident about). 

Community chat with support. Request a Tutorial.

I’m also not leaving you alone, you have a whole educational platform in Kajabi online for you to access this epic content, but you also have a facebook group AND chat to request video tutorials on questions you have. Imagine a space where you can ask 'Hey Bec, where can I find xyz or how do I do xyz with Reels' and getting a tutorial for you specifically in that group space.

I would love community access - I'm in

 Imagine this....

You just popped on your headphones, cranked up your favourite album to get yourself in the mood, and one latte later you are almost done with your content for the week.

You know the structure works with how people engage and connect, you’ve catered to all your niche but created enough connecting content that you are attracting people TO YOU as well as they are understanding YOU and that latte didn’t only warm you up for the day, it also warmed up those cold leads on your IG page. 

Fast forward the next day when you hit “publish” on a bunch of Reels that are high quality and attractive to those new leads, so good. You seriously consider beginning to 'follow yourself' because how could you not?! Duh!

And before you head out to get lunch, the first *comment* and  *red notification* make you perk up? Was that a new follower or a love heart 'like'? You betcha it was. Get used to it babe, because this is about to be your new reality. Time to get your almond croissant  to celebrate all the new followers coming your way soon.

All of this and more is possible with Reels School Re-Boot. Time to use a proven IG Reels attraction strategy and CONVERT on the incredible offer(s) you created and skyrocket your comments, likes and follows - passive Reels to build your brand!

Hook me up. Let's get started NOW

How many connections do you think you’re missing out on every day because you don’t post converting content? 

If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then you know your Reels approach needs updating. Clients are looking for someone like you right now and they’re searching the internet for someone like you to help them.

The question is: are you putting yourself and your offers out there with Reels in a way that makes it easy for people to say “hell yes” to following and finding you? Are you answering their questions and giving them the confidence needed to follow, buy & learn from you? 

Or are you accidentally deterring even the most perfect follower with a Reel that creates more questions than it answers? 

Inside Reels School Re-boot I will show you how to create a Reel that turns all the “maybe" followers scrolling your page into a “HELL FREAKIN’ YES! "I'm picking up what you're putting down". Whether you’re running ads or selling organically on Instagram, your Reels will help you sign more clients and make more money without you working any harder by leveraging socials and making your Reels a passive marketing tool, this is a VIDEO/CONTENT ONLY benefit, which is why Reels are so potent and powerful.

Are you ready to get so many notifications that people will be asking you why your phone doesn’t stop vibrating - ever?

Let's start vibrating!!!

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