Bec Craig

1:1 Voxer with BC



đŸ”„ Hold tight... because Bec Craig is about to rock your world (and your business!) – on demand with Voxer.  

Bec Craig directly in your inbox!  Imagine having 1:1 direct access to your coach who's a digital oracle, that's what you get when you sign up to the Private Voxer access.

1:1 Voxer with BC takes Social Media coaching to the next level. If you aren't hitting your goals right now, it's time to use your REAL voice and let that be the reason why people can't say NO to your offers.

Need answers? Boom! Instant insights to supercharge your social media strategy. This offer is personalised to you, and I am here to work around you, so you can learn about your business on your terms.

Do you want instant voice chats? Understanding your business and bringing your passion to life.
And direct text exchanges? My insight and knowledge will be accessible to you in this Voxer-powered pocket coaching!

It's not just a mentor in your pocket; but a fierce partner in your business, cutting through the chaos. Embrace this powerhouse coaching style to light up your brand, ignite your strategy, and fuel explosive social media growth.

Voxer is potent.

Its fast paced and It’s ‘in the moment’ access to direction, clarity, coaching & strategy. It’s made to support YOU, with intention, it’s for those ready and it’s waiting for you to book.

You can get 1:1 questions answered without having to wait a week or a month to ask, it helps you progress faster towards your goals, $10k months, more leads, content & messaging advice, it’s more than an app, it’s a coach in your pocket in real time and it’s helping you solve problems in the moment, no more YouTube or googling OR questioning your next moves, it’s literally a coach with you everyday.

You can book a 1, 8 day or a 6 week pack.

đŸ“±đŸ”„ Lets Voxer!

1:1 Zoom Session


Instead of back and forth DM's on socials, let's make it official

You want to run some ideas past me and book a 1:1 call. These session run on zoom and can go from 60-90mins


6 Weeks Voxer + Roadmaps MRR


Intimate 1:1 Coaching Container, Direct Messaging and 1:1 weekly Zoom Calls

  • You want to completely up level and need 1:1 support
  • You have lots of ideas you want to implement and need help implementing them
  • You are feeling 'stuck' with what direction to go in and need tailored support for your all your social and business ideas
  • You are getting overwhelmed with all the advice online and you want one coach who speaks your language, understands your vision and helps you bring all to life
  • You need specific ideas to create an income online through digital offers and need a marketing plan
  • You want to bring your business and creations to life and move from a hobby mindset, to building a business and social media presence.
  • FULL access to the Roadmaps to Riches course + Resell Rights

8 Days Voxer + Roadmaps MRR


Most Popular - For people who want a personalised marketing and business plan directly in their inbox!

  • You have ideas you want to brainstorm and execute with a marketing queen!
  • You are looking to put an offer together online but aren't sure how or where to start and need support mapping out the plan
  • You are consistent in your business already but you need help branding marketing advice
  • You are consistently discussing your offer on socials but no one is interested 
  • You want 8 days of support across a 2 week period to bring your ideas to life with specific content ideas and a personalised marketing and business strategy.
  • FULL access to the Roadmaps to Riches course + Resell Rights

1 Day Voxer


Instead of back and forth DM's on socials, you can pick my brain for a day on Voxer

  • You want full access for 1 Day with BC - this is for someone who wants to 'get shit done' 
  • You need specific help and guidance
  • You want to get clarity and map out an idea or get ideas for content creation
  • Get passive income ideas and get direction on where to begin
  • You need someone to throw ideas and direction around with, get advice and feedback on content